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The E.164 standard of the International Telecommunications Union is a universal numbering plan and builds up a nation calling code (nation code) for every part of the community.

The ITU organizes the mutual worldwide utilization of the radio range, advances global participation in doling out satellite circles, attempts to improve media transmission framework in the creating scene, and aids the improvement and coordination of overall specialized benchmarks. The ITU is dynamic in territories including broadband Internet, most recent age remote advancements, aeronautical and sea route, radio stargazing, satellite-based meteorology, assembly in a fixed-cell phone, Internet get to, information, voice, TV broadcasting, and cutting edge systems. The office additionally sorts out worldwide and local presentations and gatherings, for example, ITU Telecom World, uniting agents of government and the broadcast communications and ICT industry to trade thoughts, information and innovation.

The ITU contains three areas, each dealing with an alternate part of the issues taken care of by the Union, just as ITU Telecom.[8] The segments were made during the rebuilding of ITU at its 1992 Plenipotentiary Conference.[9]

Radio correspondence (ITU-R)

Set up in 1927 as the International Radio Consultative Committee or CCIR (from its French name "Comité consultatif global pour la radio"), this part deals with the universal radio-recurrence range and satellite circle assets. In 1992, the CCIR turned into the ITU-R.

Institutionalization (ITU-T)

Institutionalization was the first reason for ITU since its beginning. Set up in 1956 as the International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee or CCITT (from its French name "Comité consultatif worldwide téléphonique et télégraphique"), this part institutionalizes worldwide broadcast communications (with the exception of radio).[9] In 1993, the CCITT turned into the ITU-T.

Improvement (ITU-D)

Set up in 1992, this segment helps spread impartial, maintainable and reasonable access to data and correspondence advancements (ICT).

ITU Telecom

ITU Telecom sorts out real occasions for the world's ICT people group.

Nation codes are prefixes to national phone numbers that signify call steering to the system of a subordinate number arrangement organization, regularly a nation, or gathering of nations with a uniform numbering plan, for example, the NANP. E.164 grants the greatest length of 15 digits for the total global telephone number comprising of the nation code, the national steering code (zone code), and the endorser number. E.164 does not characterize territorial numbering plans, notwithstanding, it provides proposals for new usage and uniform portrayal of all phone numbers.

Inside the arrangement of the nation calling codes, the ITU has characterized certain prefixes for unique administrations and doles out such codes for autonomous global systems, for example, satellite frameworks, crossing past the extent of territorial experts.

Satellite phone frameworks

  • Inmarsat: +870: SNAC (Single Network Access Code)
  • ICO Global: +881 0, +881 1
  • Ellipso: +881 2, +881 3
  • Iridium: +881 6, +881 7
  • Globalstar: +881 8, +881 9
  • Emsat: +882 13
  • Thuraya: +882 16
  • ACeS: +882 20
  • + 88184

Special Services

  • Some country calling codes are issued for special services, or for international/inter regional zones.
  • +388 5 – shared code for groups of nations
  • +388 3 – European Telephony Numbering Space – Europe-wide services (discontinued)
  • +800 – International Freephone (UIFN)
  • +808 – reserved for Shared Cost Services
  • +878 – Universal Personal Telecommunications services
  • +881 – Global Mobile Satellite System
  • +882 and +883 – International Networks
  • +888 – international disaster relief operations
  • +979 – International Premium Rate Service
  • +991 – International Telecommunications Public Correspondence Service trial (ITPCS)
  • +999 – reserved for future global service

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